Christmas is coming and the traditional butchers at Drings, Royal Hill, Greenwich, are standing by to create the most memorable lunch for you ever.
Offering the finest choice in festive birds and meats for perfect roasts, serving a Drings’ lunch will be the best gift you give on the big day.
We can create a feast fit for kings and queens with an Elizabethan three or five bird roast. Each bird is carefully boned out and stuffed within another. Popular choices are a pheasant within a duck within a turkey or partridge, guinea fowl and goose, but we can create pretty much anything –
within reason. Although give us plenty of notice
if you want a 10 bird roast a la Hugh Fearnley- Whittingstall.

Judy Goodmans’ award-winning free range geese look nice and fat in their Worcestershire
fields after a lifetime of roaming free. We are the only suppliers of Judy’s turkeys and geese in South East London, so please order soon to avoid disappointment. It’s too late to make anymore now.

If you’re planning a smaller gathering our Packington cockerels (formerly known as capons) are the prefect, tender bird for the table. A gammon joint is the must-have back up dish over the Christmas season. Try one of our smoked or green (unsmoked) gammon joint to boil and glaze at home. 



Christmas opening Hours:
Tuesday    20th    December            7.30am-5.00pm
Wednesday 21st   December            7.30am-5.00pm
Thursday 22nd  December                7.30am-5.00pm
Friday  23rd  December                    7.30am-5.00pm
Saturday 24th  Christmas Eve           6.30am-2.00pm
The shop will then be closed until:
Wednesday   28th December       7.30am-5.00pm
Thursday      29th  December      7.30am-5.00pm
Friday         30th December         7.30am-5.00pm
Saturday    31st December          7.00am-3.00pm 

Then we will re open on Thursday 5th January 8.00am -1.00pm


And a cold collation for those unexpected callers would not be complete without a Mrs King’s pork pie, some great Drings smoked chicken and duck or one of our cooked and glazed free range hams.

Please ring with your orders for beef, pork and lamb joints over the festive period. We don’t take orders for sausage meat, sausages or chipolatas, but you can pick them up when you’re in the shop. All our sausages and bacon are now made at the shop – do experiment and try our seasonal varieties, you won’t be disappointed.

We also have stocks of goose fat for perfect roast potatoes and condiments to ensure this most important meal is perfectly dressed with all the right accessories.

Why not buy the foodie in your life a voucher for one of our popular butchery masterclasses in 2017, that way they can choose if they want to learn to make sausages, make duck ham or even make and smoke their own bacon. 

Gobble, gobble call the Drings turkey hotline today: 020 8858 4032